5 Things You Might Be Doing That Attracts Pests in Your Home?

Insects and small animals such as mice are always looking for new places to live. If you aren’t careful, your home could become a prime target. Aside from the nasty germs, you also have to consider the potential property damage that could occur. Here are five things you may be doing to attract pests to your home.

Failing to Maintain Your Yard

Not only does keeping your yard neat enhance your property’s appearance, but it also helps deter pests. If you fail to do things such as mow your lawn and collect old leaves, your home will ultimately become a hot spot for certain pests. Simple tasks, such as cleaning your rain gutters, can make a big difference as well.

Providing Reliable Sources

Like you, pests need reliable sources of food and water. Don’t make it easy for pests by providing these necessities. After eating a meal, some families have a bad habit of tossing their leftovers outside. From ants to rats, expect a wide variety of different pests to be on the prowl. It’s also not a good idea to keep garbage near your home for long periods of time.

Allowing Stagnant Water to Remain on Your Property

Be sure to eliminate sources of stagnant water on your property. Although a lot of different critters are attracted to water, mosquitoes are especially problematic. These blood-sucking insects need standing water in order to develop eggs. Mosquitoes will quickly transform a small puddle into their new breeding spot. Old tires, empty flower pots, an even toys can easily collect excess rain water.

Not Properly Sealing Your Home

Small cracks and holes will give pests easy access to your home. If your doors aren’t properly sealed, don’t be surprised to see roaches and spiders scampering inside. For good reason, rodents are considered to be an even bigger problem. These disgusting pests can make your life at home a total nightmare.

Ignoring the Importance of Keeping a Tidy Home

Although any home can come under attack by pests, keeping your house clean will give you an extra measure of protection. Make it a priority to sweep and vacuum your floors on a regular basis. Even tiny bread crumbs will draw pests into your home. Also, take the time to get rid of any old boxes. Bed bugs and roaches can use them as hiding places.

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