American Cockroach Control in Powder Springs

When you see a big, brown bug in your home, it may be an American cockroach. You can identify the species by the yellow band behind its head. The insects typically measure about 50 cm long, and once they mature, they will produce wings and can fly.

American Cockroach Signs in Your Home or Business

Cockroaches leave behind four main signs that may alert you to their presence. For instance, you may see them as they like to come out at night, so if you need a drink of water and turn on a light, then you may spot several bugs scuttling back to the darker areas of your home. Droppings are another sign that you may have an American cockroach infestation. The droppings are small with side ridges and blunt ends. If you spot small, dark colored egg capsules, then your home or business may have cockroaches. You’re likely to find eggs underneath cabinets and behind large appliances. They measure about 38 mm long. The bugs also leave behind an unpleasant odor because they produce the aggregation pheromone, which is a chemical. The smell is musty, and it will become stronger as a cockroach population grows.

Why the American Cockroach is a Problem

Some people experience severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks when cockroaches are present because the insects have allergen proteins on their bodies. The bugs may also transmit diseases and can spread dangerous bacteria as well as human disease agents. The American cockroach can make living or working conditions unsafe. They are also hardy creatures that are tough to eradicate.

The Benefits of Professional Help

If your home or business has an American cockroach infestation, then be sure to call us at Flexible Pest Services for a free quote. We respond quickly to pest problems to eliminate them and bring comfort back to your home or business.