Bee and Wasp Control in the Greater Loganville Area

Bees and wasps are insect predators that can become pests when they build hives near homes and businesses. They are especially bothersome during the summer and autumn months and are perfectly capable of interrupting a variety of outdoor activities. At Flexible Pest Services, we’ve got the experience and the skills to eliminate any hive that poses a threat to nearby residents. In instances where the hives are located near doors, windows or awnings, eradication should be accomplished as soon as possible.

Nesting Sites

Bees are adaptable creatures and can build their nests in a number of locations. While yellow jackets are often found in old rodent burrows, hornets and wasps are much more likely to build nests near barns, sheds, overhangs, attics and tree limbs. Large paper hives are often found in trees in residential locations. In urban areas, many of these nests ultimately conflict with the interests of humans.


Bees and wasps are dangerous for a number of reasons. As stinging insects, they have the ability to inject venom into humans and pets. In fact, many people are severely allergic to bee stings. A solitary sting from a hornet or a wasp can send individuals to the hospital for emergency treatment. Hives near walkways and buildings should thus be dealt with right away.

Control Techniques

As consummate professionals, we can quickly and effectively identify the bee species and the nesting site. In many instances, we will choose to eliminate the nest after the sun has gone down. Because calibrated pesticides must always be used, experts should always be procured. Property owners in the greater Loganville area who are currently dealing with bee infestations can contact Flexible Pest Services for a free quote and further assistance.

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