Commercial Pest Control Services in the Atlanta Metro Area

Flexible Pest Services offers the following commercial pest control services:

General Pest Control

Specializing In the Following Industries:

Apartments, Assisted Living, Condominium, Day Care, Distribution / Warehousing, Food Processing, Health Care, Hotels/Hospitality, Malls (Outdoor and Strip), Manufacturing, Office Building, Pharmaceutical, Restaurants, Retail / Mixed Use, Schools, Feed Mills and Poultry Processing.

Extra Services:

Stored Product Pests (All Species):

  • Control (Emulsion Application, Thermal Fogging & Fumigation)
    Monitoring (Pheromone Traps)

Bird Control:

  • Pest Birds (Feral pigeons, English starlings & House sparrows)
    Exclusion (Netting)
    Deterrents (Plastic / Stainless Spike, Shock Track, Bird Jolt, Bird Slop, Bird Repeller, Bird Spider)
    Baiting (Avitrol: 6 week program)
    Trapping (6 week program)
    Bird Dropping Removal / Clean Up (The waste is considered Hazardous Material)
    Loose Bird in Structure Removal (Mist Net)

Bat Control:

  • Bats (Little brown bat, Big brown bat & Mexican free-tailed bat)
    Removal & Batproofing (Exclusion)
    Dropping Removal / Clean Up (The waste is considered Hazardous Material)

Public Health Pests

  • Mosquitoes (All species)
    Cultural Control
  • Flies (All Species)
    Fly Control Units
    Baiting Systems
    Residual Applications

Wood Destroying Organisms:

  • Subterranean termites (Eastern, Light southeastern, Southeastern, Formosan)
  • Dry Wood & Dampwood Termites (All species)
  • Wood Boring Beetles (All species)
  • Termite Baiting (The Sentricon® System by Dow AgroSciences)
  • Soil Treatments (Liquid: Pre & Post Construction; Full & Defined Treatments)
  • Wood Treatments (Bora care)
  • Fumigation (Chamber Fumigation)

Lawn & Ornamental:

  • General Lawn Pest Control (Full Yard / Grounds Treatments)
  • Weed Control (Around Building Perimeters or other defined locations)

Covered Targeted Pest:

  • So you don’t incur non-budgeted expenses most Service Agreements cover the following pests:

Ants (Carpenter, Fire, White footed, Pavement and Pharaoh), Bed bugs, Bird mites, Carpenter bees, Centipedes, Cockroaches (Brown-Banded, German, Oriental and American), Clover mites, Clothes moths, European earwigs, Fleas, Firebrats, Honey bees, House crickets, Hornets, Grain beetles, Ground beetles, Mice, Millipedes, Mud daubers, Norway rats, Pillbugs, Roof rats, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Sowbugs, Wasps, Yellow jackets, Blue bottle flies, Green bottle flies and Lesser flies.

That’s THIRTY Nine (39) covered targeted pests. We even knock down the spider webs!