Common Summer Wildlife Nuisances

With the summer’s hot weather on the horizon, local wildlife will be scrambling to find new habitats. If you aren’t careful, your home could become their new source for food and shelter. Here are some of the most common wildlife pests in the area.


While bats tend to remain hidden during the day, they venture out at night to feed on insects. They find mosquitoes and moths to be especially tasty. However, sleeping cows and horses have also been victimized. While bats are fascinating creatures, you certainly don’t want them roaming on your property. These real-life vampires are extremely dangerous. Bats are known for carrying rabies, which is a serious viral disease. If bats happen to take refuge in your attic, you should call a professional immediately. The bat droppings and urine will create a truly unsanitary environment. Property damage is yet another key concern. Never attempt to remove a bat colony on your own.


Squirrels are cute animals that are known for gathering nuts. On the other hand, these adorable rodents can become a major nuisance. Once squirrels gain access to your attic, they will be extraordinarily difficult to remove. Squirrels will quickly transform a crawl space into a nesting area. If you happen to spot any twigs or torn insulation, there is a good chance that squirrels have already created a new home. The property damage will begin to pile up. By chewing on electrical wiring, these pests can create a major fire hazard. Even if squirrels don’t gain access to your house, they can still cause trouble. A squirrel will find the fresh smell of a summer garden to be irresistible.

Wild Rats

To protect your home or business from rats, you must keep it tightly sealed. Rats can easily contort their bodies to fit through small openings. If you happen to keep pet food in your garage or a storage building, the smell will certainly lure rats. For good reason, rats are considered to be some of the nastiest creatures in the world. Wild rats carry a number of parasites and diseases. They are also very destructive. With some wild rats being the size of a small puppy, you can imagine that amount of damage that can be caused.

Protect Your Home or business by Calling a Professional

Serving the Atlanta area, Flexible Pest Services has the ability to trap and remove annoying wildlife from your property. By identifying entry points, we can ensure that wild animals will no longer have access to your home. Be sure to contact Flexible Pest Services for all of your pest control needs.