Duluth Pest Control

The hot, humid summers and mild winters of the region around Duluth, Georgia, provide an attractive breeding ground for a number of unwanted pests. Rodents, termites, ants, cockroaches and flying insects thrive in this environment. Pests are not selective in choosing a place to call home. Adequate moisture and an available food source are all that is needed. Commercial buildings, warehouses, and homes are all equal in the eyes of these interlopers. Here are some ways to reduce the occurrence of pests in your Duluth property.

Commercial Pest Control

Office buildings, apartments, restaurants, grocery stores and warehouses are attractive living quarters for a number of pests. Once established, they are often difficult to get rid of. There are several things that can be done to prevent their entry. A commercial pest control service can help business establishments implement good practices that limit pest infestations. Pest control technicians are trained to determine the exact pest, evaluate the extent of the infestation and make recommendations to eliminate breeding grounds and food sources.

Here are a few practical points to keep rodents, ants, and cockroaches from setting up shop in your Duluth shop:

  • Discourage employees from keeping food in their work areas. Instead, have a designated place for employees to eat and store food.
  • Have designated trash containers for food waste. Make sure they have tight-fitting lids and are emptied every day.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Clutter is attractive to all pests as a place to nest and as a food source. Cockroaches and ants eat paper, cardboard, oil and other petroleum-based items. Discard boxes and remove waste often.
  • Make sure sinks and other water sources work properly. Moisture is attractive to these pests. Repair leaks and use moisture control equipment such as dehumidifiers.
  • Ask a pest professional to look for points of entry for rodents. Plug holes in foundations, around wiring and in ceilings to discourage entry.

Residential Pest Control

Don’t let unwelcomed guests take over your home. The points outlined above to discourage pests in commercial establishments apply to residences as well. Kitchens are particularly attractive to cockroaches and rodents. Clean up cooking spills as soon as they occur. Empty food trash each day.

Keep compost as far away from your home as possible. Ask a pest professional to check the exterior of the home to identify pest habitats. Move wood piles away from building foundations. Store garden equipment in a dry, enclosed area.

Termite Treatment

Subterranean termites are a major problem in Georgia. Significant damage can occur before any signs of termites are seen. Termites enter buildings through cracks in foundations or in crawl spaces with earthen floors. They burrow through wood, taking food back to their nests. Wood in a building’s superstructure, such as attic beams or floor joists, serves as a desirable feeding site. Termites also feed on wooden doors, windows, and furniture.

A pest professional will look for hidden signs of termites using a number of tools. The technician will also try to identify the nest so that the colony can be destroyed. There are several effective methods used to eradicate termites, including baits, liquid applications of proven insecticides and implementing swarm control techniques. The technician will evaluate the unique conditions of your property and recommend treatments.

Flexible Pest Services uses environmentally friendly pest-eradication techniques and integrated pest management practices to protect you and your loved ones while removing pests. We offer a number of services including monthly treatment plans to eliminate infestations and keep them from re-occurring.

If you’re in need of immediate pest control services in Duluth, Georgia, or if you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, contact Flexible Pest Services today at (770) 450-6524. We look forward to serving you.