Five Signs of Wildlife on Your Property

Five Signs of Wildlife on Your Property

Though many areas in the beautiful state of Georgia have evolved into bustling cities, there’s still a lot of wildlife that shows up on properties throughout the state. Here at Flexible Pest Services, we’ve been called upon to trap and remove such nuisance animals as bats, armadillos, squirrels, skunks and raccoons from properties in Atlanta and throughout the greater Georgia area. These animals are usually attracted by the availability of a food source or the promise of a nice nesting area, and here are a few things to look for that may indicate the presence of wildlife on your property.

1. Big Messes Each Morning

You may have a raccoon problem if you find your garbage cans tipped over and garbage strewn everywhere each morning. These masked bandits use their human-like hands to get into everything, and they may take up residence in a hollow tree on your property.

2. Large Holes in Your Yard

An armadillo must dig for the insects and worms that make up its diet, so you may suspect that one has been on your property if you find your yard filled with holes. They tend to dig up gardens, lawns and around the base of porches and the foundation of your home.

3. Scratching Sounds in the Attic

Both bats and squirrels have a bad habit of invading the attic space in homes, and you may hear scratching sounds both day and night. Have a look in your attic during the day to look for bats hanging from the rafters or squirrels nesting in the insulation.

4. A Horrible Stench

Those who have been visited by a skunk can usually tell by the unpleasant odor that it leaves behind when it becomes startled. You may also find several shallow holes that are perfectly circular where the skunk has been digging for a meal of grubs and other insects. If the skunk should decide to stay on your property, then you may find cone-shaped holes that go under your home’s foundation or beneath outbuildings.

5. Presence of Droppings

If you start finding strange droppings in your yard or in your home that definitely don’t belong to your own pets, then you probably have a wild animal visiting your property in the night. This is a sign that you definitely don’t want to ignore because some of those droppings can spread disease to people and their pets.

Humane Wildlife Removal Available in Georgia

Here at Flexible Pest Services, we specialize in removing nuisance wildlife in the most humane way possible by trapping it and relocating it to a more natural environment. If you’re having a problem with wildlife or any other pests, then contact us at 770-450-6524 for a free estimate.