How To Fool Ants This April

Ant infestations are an all-too-common problem in metro Atlanta. If your home has been infested by ants of any kind, you obviously want to get them out as fast as you can. Although plenty of do-it-yourself solutions are readily available, few of them produce results. There’s one exception: ant traps. At Flexible Pest Control, we often hear from homeowners who try using ant traps to no avail. What’s the problem? All too often, people misunderstand how these traps are supposed to work–and they often don’t realize the importance of using the right bait.

How Ant Traps Work

The first thing to understand about ant traps is that despite their name, they don’t actually trap ants in an enclosure of some kind or otherwise trap them in place. Effective ant traps should really be called bait stations because they are loaded with poisoned bait that is picked up and carried away by worker ants. The poisoned bait is then unleashed on the entire colony. Before too long, if things go right, the poisoned food gets to the queen herself. When that happens, the colony stops churning out new ants, and your infestation issue is a thing of the past.

The Problem with Bait

It definitely sounds like bait stations work well. Why do so many people have such bad luck with them then? As you probably already know, there are countless different ant species on earth. Different species of ants have different eating habits. One species might be drawn to sweet, sugary foods while another strictly consumes proteins. If the bait that is in your trap doesn’t appeal to the types of ants that are in your home, they will ignore it completely. For bait stations to work properly, then, you must determine which species of ant you are dealing with and load it with food that they will be attracted to.

Put an End to Your Ant Infestation Today

If you would like to use ant traps to get your ant infestation under control, snap some photos of the ants, if possible, and then go online to try and identify them. With any luck, you will be able to tell which type of ants you are dealing with and can then purchase the appropriate traps. One thing to keep in mind is that this problem could occur again quickly if the root cause isn’t eliminated. To take care of this, contact Flexible Pest Control. We will eradicate ants from the premises, determine the root cause and take steps to resolve it. We’re ready when you are, so call today.