How to Keep Pests Out of Your Shed

Outdoor sheds attract pests by the hundreds. These buildings are usually less maintained and serve as a place to store items or to work on do-it-yourself projects. They’re located farther away from the house in most cases and may or may not have windows depending on the type. If you want to keep pests out of your shed, you’ll have to pay attention to the little things inside and outside the building.

3 Ways to Prevent Pests in Your Shed

Make the necessary repairs.

Sheds are like any other building; they require occasional repairs and routine maintenance. It’s important to fix any problems right away since they’ll only get worse over time. If cracks form in the wood siding or holes appear in the roof, make the repairs now to avoid a pest infestation later.

Seal the small cracks and crevices.

Walk around and inspect your shed’s exterior. Look for any gaps around the windows and doors, the eaves and the foundation. Check the interior for small holes that let the light in from the outside. Seal every crack with caulk or foam insulation to plug up possible entryways for insects and rodents.

Clean up the clutter on the outside.

It’s normal to leave plywood laying outside your shed, including old car parts, wheelbarrows and other items. Unfortunately, all of these things create a cluttered mess and lure pests to the building. Pest insects and rodents use clutter as shelter and build nests inside, where they live and breed for generations. Reducing or eliminating the clutter altogether will help to make the pests look for shelter away from your property.

Stop Pest Infestations in Your Shed

The weather takes a toll on sheds as they sit through the seasons. Small openings will appear over time, giving pests an easy way to crawl inside and to take over the building. Maintaining your shed on a regular basis helps to keep out unwanted pests and to stay in good shape. Flexible Pest Services can help with recurring pest infestations and will provide routine treatments in and around your shed and home to prevent another occurrence.