How to Prepare for Fall Pests in GA 2021

Each season has its pest control problems, and with fall about to arrive, now is the time to prepare for those 2021 fall pests. By taking the proper preparations, you can stop an infestation from developing. Pests that tend to move indoors when the cold weather arrives include rodents, raccoons, spiders, and cockroaches. If they make their way inside, they’re sure to become more than just an annoyance. Rodents contaminate food, damage electrical wires, and transmit diseases while raccoons create massive messes. Spiders bite when they feel threatened, and cockroaches bring filth and diseases into homes. The easiest way to combat this is to use residential pest control services like what we offer, but we do have tips below.

How to Prepare for Fall Pests in GA 2021
Beautiful Fall Day in Georgia

Preparing for Fall Pests The Checklist

To prepare for fall pests, inspect the exterior of your home for places that permit them to enter.

  • Search for cracks, small holes, and crevices. If you spot these features, seal them with silicone caulk.
  • Pay special attention to the sections where utility pipes enter your home. If you come across large gaps or holes, then block these areas with steel wool. The roughness of the product’s fibers will dissuade pests from entering your home. Rodents are deterred by steel wool because they are unable to chew through it.
  • Install screens across the openings of attic vents, chimneys and any other places that leave your home open to the elements. This may include pet doors or mail slots.
  • Add door sweeps to the bottom section of your doors, and repair any screens that are damaged. Cracks underneath doors permit numerous critters to enter your home as do torn window screens.
  • Keep your gutters clean by removing leaves and other debris that accumulates in them. This step prevents standing water, which is the ideal place for many pests to breed.
  • Also, make sure that your basement, crawl spaces and attics are dry and well ventilated. You can do this with a dehumidifier.

When it comes to landscaping, be sure to care for it properly. Also, avoid creating areas where pests like to live. Keep your outdoor landscaping maintained by trimming branches and shrubs. This will dissuade pests from moving in with you. Consider eliminating vegetation from around the exterior of your home. For even more protection, install a perimeter of crushed gravel or rock. If you have a fireplace and store firewood, keep it at least 20 feet away from the outside of your residence or business.

When Pests Invade

When pests invade your home, they can cause damage. Rodents chew up insulation and wires. In some cases, they can even harm the wood used to build your home. Pests can also transmit dangerous diseases like salmonella or hantavirus. Pest infestations often make your home smell foul, and it can be tough to sleep when you know that there are pests living with you. Some pests bite while others feed on your blood.


When temperatures begin to drop, small critters start searching for a warm place to spend the winter, and your home is sure to fit the bill. Use these fall prevention tips to keep pests from discovering how nice it is to live with you. If you need pest control, be sure to call Flexible Pest Services. They have the experience and equipment to resolve any pest problem.