Lawrenceville Pest Control

We take pest control seriously. When insects and rodents are threatening the health of your family and potentially causing thousands of dollars in structural damage, contacting a professional is the only truly effective method of eliminating the problem.

Common Household Pests

Pests can invade a home at any time of the year, and even the most vigilant homeowners have found themselves dealing with an infestation. Late winter and early spring bring out swarming termites that search for a place to nest. If these flying pests decide to make their nest inside a home after their wings have fallen off, significant structural damage could result.

Mosquito populations start to grow as the weather warms up and peaks in the summer. Viruses like West Nile virus that have the potential to cause serious illness have been known to be spread by mosquitoes.

Wildlife including squirrels, raccoons and birds can seek shelter in an attic or crawlspace. Rodents and other creatures nesting in the walls of a home often chew through electrical wires and create a fire hazard.

Fire ants are known for their stinging bites. Some people are even allergic to the bite of a fire ant and require emergency medical treatment if bitten. Carpenter ants burrow through wood and cause structural damage similar to the damage done by termites.

Infestations should be treated by a professional exterminator. Do-it-yourself options almost invariably waste time and money.

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