Loganville Fire Ant Control

The small mounds found on the surface of Fire ant colonies are a common sight in the South. These pests cause over $140 million in damage annually in the state of Texas alone. If you are having problems with a Fire ant infestation, Flexible Pest Services can quickly and permanently eradicate the colony.

Red Fire Ants pose a serious threat in Loganville

Most species of Fire ant are not considered a problem, but red imported Fire ants are an extremely invasive pest. They are more aggressive than most other ant species. When an anthill is disturbed, red imported Fire ants attack by swarming on threats and stinging them repeatedly. By some estimates, the majority of people living in areas with these ants are stung by them each year. Fire ant bites leave itchy and painful welts on the skin. Ants are also a problem due to their attraction to electrical equipment. They often damage air conditioning units and other devices by stinging the wires.

A small colony in an area with no competing colonies will grow rapidly. If you notice anthills around your home, contact Flexible Pest Services for a free quote. We will exterminate these troublesome pests before their colony gets bigger.

Identifying Carpenter Ants in your Home or Property

There are more than 285 Fire ant species in the world. They can be identified by their light brown heads and dark bodies. The red imported Fire ant is the biggest problem in the United States. These ants originated in South America, but their habitat now covers much of the US, Australia, China, Thailand, and the Philippines. Red imported Fire ants have few natural predators outside of Brazil. When they reached the United States through the port of Mobile, Alabama, they quickly spread throughout the southern states.