Pest Control Myrtle Beach, SC

As an independently owned and operated family pest control business, we are proud to announce we’ve recently expanded, now offering our services to Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. 

At Flexible Pest Services, we provide timely, high-quality, effective residential and commercial pest control services. Our trained professionals will customize a pest management program and treatment plan to address your unique needs. 

Pest Control Myrtle Beach

Residential Pest Control Myrtle Beach,SC

The hot, humid coastal air in and around Myrtle Beach, brings with it several unwanted “guests.” Ants, beetles, termites, cockroaches, mosquitos, and other pests are common near the Myrtle Beach region. Unfortunately, left untreated, these insects can cause serious damage to your home. Not only are they destructive, they also pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.  

Common Residential Pests

Did you know South Carolina is home to the “Palmetto bug”? While this insect may sound fancy, it’s actually a unique type of cockroach. They can typically be found in mulch, sewers, woodpiles, or any other damp, humid location. This insect flies and can multiply quickly, leading to infested homes and backyards. You can be sure that we are here for all your cockroach control needs!


There are several types of beetles who call South Carolina home, as well. These include Asian lady, emerald ash, boll weevils, carpet, cottonwood, and green June beetles. While usually harmless, they are a nuisance and can take up residence in areas with a food supply, such as cabinets and pantries. 

While beetles native to Myrtle Beach may primarily be annoying, an array of stinging and biting insects can cause both bodily harm and property damage. With over 40 species of stinging insects and ants, such as wasps, yellow jackets, fire, and carpenter ants, these invaders need to be taken seriously. Fire ants tend to burrow in mounds of dirt but can also nest in electrical components, such as air conditioners and pool heaters. Carpenter ants will destroy wood on your deck or home and can also be found in unsealed food items. A particularly aggressive type of wasp, yellow jackets, are territorial, meaning an infestation could become quite dangerous. 


Termites are another common pest found throughout the Myrtle Beach area. There are four drywood and four subterranean species native to this region. Unfortunately, they can cause immense structural damage in a short period of time, as they multiply quickly. It is not uncommon for an infestation to include hundreds of thousands of termites, in one location. 

Due to elevated humidity in the area, mosquitos also thrive in the Myrtle Beach region. The high temps, in combination with humidity, make the area a prime environment for mosquitos to breed and flourish.  

At Flexible Pest Services, our comprehensive residential pest control programs offer homeowners several options for protecting their family and property. If you’re looking for a pest control plan that guards against insects and rodents native to the Myrtle Beach area, you’ve come to the right place! Our experts will provide a thorough inspection to determine which pests are present, the location of the infestation, what damage has occurred, and any conditions that may be encouraging the pests to occupy your residence. Then treatment of existing pest activity begins with all exterior entry points, landscaping, and other areas. Interior applications may also be necessary, depending on the type of pest present. 

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Commercial Pest Control Myrtle Beach,SC

We also service commercial buildings and structures, to ensure that pests don’t cause your business to suffer. We effectively eliminate pests to improve the safety and well-being of your staff and clients. Addressing a pest infestation with Flexible Pest Services means you can focus on what you do best, managing your business! 

Don’t let rodents or insects take over your property. They can multiply quickly and cause damage to your facility, goods, and inventory. They can also threaten the health and safety of those on the premise and ultimately hurt your reputation as an organization. Our highly-trained professionals will devise a detailed, custom plan to address your unique needs. We understand the risk business owners take and want to provide you with the best level of customer service, along with our comprehensive pest management program. 

We Can Help!

Whether a residential or commercial customer, call the experts at Flexible Pest Services to effectively address your pest issues ASAP. We will swiftly begin identifying the underlying causes of your infestation and implement our integrated pest management system. From inspection to identification of pests, to monitoring and sanitation, we have you covered. Schedule a free assessment today!