Prepare Your Yard For Your Fourth Of July BBQ

As Memorial Day and the Fourth of July approach, local residents are planning their barbecues and festivities. If you are planning an outdoor celebration, you have probably already thought about food and activities. However, pests can ruin the fun for everyone if they decide to take over. It is especially important to think about parasitic pests this summer.


There are several types of mosquitoes in the area. They can carry harmful diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, yellow fever, encephalitis and others. While most diseases cause miserable long-lasting symptoms, encephalitis can be fatal. Zika usually causes mild flu-like symptoms but is much more harmful to a fetus when a pregnant mother contracts it. Some babies of infected mothers are born with microcephaly, which is marked by a smaller-than-normal head and cognitive impairment. Mosquitoes are usually found near standing water and appear around dusk. These pests are attracted to sweet smells and the carbon dioxide in exhaled air.


Ticks can carry Lyme disease, which develops slowly. Lyme disease can cause feelings of illness and even mental issues over time. Ticks hide in long grass or in bushes, wait for a host to pass and latch onto the host. They bury their heads under the skin and become engorged if they are not removed immediately.


While fleas usually choose pets over people, they will still bite humans. Fleas are tiny and have hard bodies. Their back legs are similar to a grasshopper’s, and this allows them to jump long distances. Fleas are especially hard to eliminate because of their four distinct life stages. They are very resilient to most pesticides and other removal methods during the first two stages of life. Fleas may spread from a neighbor’s yard or from stray animals in the neighborhood.

How To Get Rid Of Summer Pests

You can help your pets ward off fleas with vet-approved medications or devices. Always check yourself for ticks after coming into contact with bushes or long grass. If you plan a summer gathering outdoors, wear long sleeves. Provide bug spray with at least 40 percent DEET for your guests. Also, eliminate sources of standing water. Cover pools or spas. Drain fountains, man-made ponds, and birdbaths. Be sure that leaky sprinklers are fixed to avoid pooling water. Mosquitoes can breed in areas as small as a bottle cap.

For the best defense against parasitic pests, call Flexible Pest Control. Our professional treatments will get rid of fleas in any life stage and will discourage mosquitoes and ticks from entering your property. Call us to discuss how to make your summer gatherings more comfortable.