Roach Control Pros’ Preventive Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners and Renters

Known for sparking allergic reactions and carrying diseases, cockroaches can cause people a lot of problems. They thrive in indoor environments, especially those that offer them places to hide, eat, breed, drink, sleep and go about their normal routines. As such, roach control measures typically start with time-tested, prevention routines and progress to relying on professionals for assistance. With that said, here are a few prevention dos and don’ts from our roach control experts:

  • Do thoroughly rinse out and dry all items before putting them into the recycling bin. It will go a long way in keeping water and food remnants away from hungry roaches. Also, consider removing loose labels that are affixed to the discarded items with glue. It is a well-known fact that during desperate times, roaches will chew on glue and papers. And if possible, purchase recycling bins that come with lids capable of barring insects’ entry.
  • Don’t leave indoor compost buckets and garbage cans open. They’re essentially an invitation for insects of all types to come calling. Instead, keep the bins closed up tight when they are not in use and empty them as often as possible. When you do empty the garbage cans, try disinfecting the hard surfaces with bleach before putting them back into use. As for the compost buckets, cleaning their interiors’ with eco-friendly products from time to time should help keep roach activity down to a minimum.
  • Do store all recyclable paper products outdoors, well away from the home and don’t ever transfer them back inside. Roaches tend to hide in between paper bags, newspapers and the like. As such, bringing the papers back inside at any time may allow hitchhikers to scope out and set up nests in your home’s kitchen or pantry.

To speak with our roach control experts about these dos and don’ts, please contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss them at length and provide additional measures that may help keep a wide variety of cockroaches away.