Roswell Pest Control

Those who live in Roswell tend to have been attracted by the quality of its schools, its affordability, its low crime rates and how easy it is to access outdoor activities, all while remaining within commuting distance of Atlanta. However, all is not rosy in this beautiful community as pests do regularly cause havoc on homes and businesses in Roswell. All of the greenery that attracts people to this picturesque place entices plenty of insects and unwanted animals to make themselves at home here too. However, Flexible Pest Services has been helping eradicate these pests from Roswell’s homes and businesses for generations.

Residential Pest Control

It’s important that where we come home to, spend time with family and friends, eat, drink and sleep is free from pests that can damage it and transmit diseases. The last thing that we want is to see termite-damaged wood or a stream of ants helping themselves to that Thanksgiving dinner that you spent hours cooking and wanted to only serve to your invited guests. Or perhaps you hear some scurrying in the attic or basement and are concerned about the possibility of bats or mice having made their way inside. Maybe you’re constantly woken up throughout the night because bed bugs keep on biting you. Regardless of which pests have made their way inside, it’s important to take advantage of professional pest control services to ensure that the problem is taken care of in a thorough and lasting manner.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses also need to be kept pest-free. Employees should be able to focus on work without being distracted by oftentimes dangerous pests while those businesses that work with the public can experience a significant hit to their public image if pests make themselves visible to customers. And it’s important to keep in mind that most businesses will be busier than homes tend to be, meaning that insects are more apt to be unintentionally brought in by employees and customers than they are by a few family members. However, Flexible has worked with numerous businesses over the years and understands the unique challenges of providing pest control services to these types of structures and how to overcome them.

Termite Pest Control

Termites are a concern for homes and businesses throughout Roswell, and these insects are probably the ones that you will want to be most proactive about as they can cause quite a lot of damage before they are detected. Fortunately, we can regularly stop by and check if you have any so that any damage that they did do is kept to a minimum. Termites, which are sometimes mistaken for ants, have shorter legs, thicker waists, and straighter antennae than those other pests. Termites are also generally between 0.25 and 0.38 inches long. They tend to enter homes through cracks in the foundation, so you will want to seal those as well as keep piles of wood or stumps away from the sides of the building.

Get Professional Help

It can be dangerous for you to attempt to eliminate insects yourself because some pest chemicals are powerful, and you must distribute them properly. Therefore, call us at Flexible Pest Services for a free quote. Our exterminators are professionally trained, and they will eliminate your insect problem fast.

If you’re in need of immediate pest control services in Roswell, Georgia, or if you’re interested in learning more about what we offer, contact Flexible Pest Services today at (770) 450-6524. We look forward to serving you.