The Perfect Time to Clean Your Gutters

One of the most important components of your roof is the gutter system. The gutters help to keep water away from the roof, prolonging the life of the home in the process. The gutter system needs regular maintenance so that it operates the way that it’s designed to, but there isn’t a set schedule as to how often you should clean the gutters. Companies like Flexible Pest Services can come to the home to clear away leaves and other debris that are in the gutters so that rain can flow freely. The company can also remove nests that insects and pests might have built that would prevent water from flowing.

Even if there is a small amount of clutter in the gutters, it has the potential to lead to a significant blockage that would take longer to clear out. A good time to clean the gutters is after a storm with high winds and after the fall season. This will give you a chance to get all of the leaves and any small limbs out of the system before they have a chance to do any further damage. When water can’t flow freely, it can begin to get behind the wood of the home, which can then lead to leaks in the home.

The weather isn’t always predictable in many areas. There could be times when you have weeks without rain or storms and times when it seems like there are high winds blowing leaves every other day. Late in October is usually the best time to get leaves out of the gutters. This is also a good time to clear the system before freezing weather hits as it will keep ice from building in the gutters. When the warm weather of spring arrives, you can clean them again to get rid of any lingering debris.

One way that you can tell if you need to have your gutters cleaned is if you don’t see any water flowing from the bottom when it rains. This would signify that there is a blockage somewhere. If you notice the gutters positioned away from the house, then it could mean that they need to be replaced. You also want to replace them if you see any kind of rust starting to develop as the rust can begin to eat away at the gutters.

If you notice any issues with your gutter system, you can contact Flexible Pest Services to get the water flowing through once again. The company can also help to eliminate pests that are inside or outside the home.