Tucker Carpenter Bee Control

When the weather begins to warm from winter, Carpenter bees are often present near homes and other buildings. When they build their nests near humans, they can be annoying and destructive. Flexible Pest has the expertise necessary to get rid of these insects safely and efficiently.

Identifying Carpenter Bees

There are hundreds of species of Carpenter bee, and they can be found all over the world. They are large insects and can grow to be an inch long. Their pollination of crops and other plants makes them beneficial in general. They are named for their nesting habits as they make their homes in the wood of trees and bamboo. Unfortunately, the wood of houses and other buildings is also suitable for Carpenter bees. They are especially fond of structural wood that is unpainted and worn. Homeowners will most likely notice an infestation quickly due to the noise. They also leave small piles of sawdust around their nesting area.

Carpenter bees in the Loganville area can cause a great deal of structural damage, especially when they infest the same area multiple times. They typically return year after year to the same location to lay more eggs and expand the nest. Their boring weakens structures and leaves noticeable holes and stains in the wood. Carpenter bees also generate noise pollution with their loud buzzing and burrowing. While they are a problem for structures, they do not pose a significant health hazard to humans. Males are unable to sting and females sting only when provoked.

Leave it to the professionals

A Carpenter bee infestation should be treated before the nest becomes too extensive and damages the wood. If you are having trouble with Carpenter bees, call Flexible Pest for a free quote. We can remove the nest quickly and keep the bees from returning.