What Our Clients Say

Client: Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation

Mr. Heath and the Flexible Pest Control Team,

I would like to commend you and your company for always performing your job with excellence. I have been well pleased with your professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent ability to follow-up. My team has had great interaction with everyone in your company from your field employees to your office staff even up to your executive leadership. It is very evident that your corporate culture and core ideology is based in excellence and serving your customers.

Your team has always taken great initiative in looking for ways to create more value for my company and the clients/shareholders that we serve. After proving your commitment to excellence on several projects for me at Delta Air Lines (the World’s Biggest Airline), it only makes good and wise business sense to look for ways and opportunities for your firm to bring the same type of business integrity, value-added solutions and commitment to excellence into projects here at HJAIA – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the World’s busiest airport).

I find myself in my new position and with a new company, looking at other contractors and comparing them to you and your company as a standard or benchmark for excellence. I truly enjoyed working with you and I am very grateful for the expertise that Flexible consistently delivered. I hope that my gratitude is evident by this letter and by the fact that I have been with my new company 4 months now and decided to send you this letter of appreciation.

I wish you and your firm continued success in the future. Please use this letter for any references or referrals that Flexible Pest Control may need in the future. I have no problem putting my name behind such a well operated and managed company such as yours.

Kind Regards,
Kofi Smith
Deputy Executive Director
Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation

My name is Jerry Baird. I live in Loganville. In October of 2011 my wife and I identified we had a major problem with pests. Thinking wisely, I contracted with Orkin an old and experienced pest control company. What a mistake! They messed around for six months without any results. I fired Orkin. I was speaking with my brother-in-law and he referred me to Flexible Pest Services. Now that was a smart move on my part. I hired Flexible. On the first visit to sum up my problem I was told “we will solve your problem”. This company truly did what they said they would do and more. If you are thinking about a pest control company look no further you have found the best. The company is honest and professional in every sense of the word.


Jerry Baird