Wildlife Control and Proofing Services in Snellville

Wildlife and vermin sneaking into homes is a very common problem in the Atlanta area. We provide a variety of related services.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal/Trapping

We trap all types of Vermin, generally relocating them to more natural surroundings than your home.  All traps are monitored every twenty-four (24) hours to ensure the safe and effective removal of the wildlife. 


We offer Proofing/Exclusion services to build out or deny entry to pests such as Bats, Squirrels, Rats and Mice.  We offer no cost to you inspections to identify entry points of pests such as roofing/decking junction, door sweeps, pipe chases, electrical conduit, gaps in mortar joints, siding gaps, trim gaps, crawl space vents and doors.

Roof Boot Replacement

We replace worn or torn roof boots (vent pipe covers) to protect the home against water damage.  We can install new boots or affix permeant boots made by Perma Boot.  Completing this task is quite dangerous as working from heights upon roofs can cause lead to falls and serious permeant injuries.  Let us do this for you and protect you from bodily harm.  Yes we are covered by Workman’s compensation insurance and have the training and knowledge to get this done safely.