Bed Bug Pest Control Services

Bed Bug on a pile of rice

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that are often found in the soft fabrics on beds and couches. The critters are kept alive by human blood and are thus considered loathsome by most people. At Flexible Pest Services, we use a range of innovative treatment techniques to remove the bugs and make the home free of pests once again. Because severe infestations can be significantly harder to eliminate, homeowners will want to contact us as soon as they notice that the bugs are present.

Bed Bug Locations

Bed bugs are notorious for taking up residence in out-of-the-way locations. While they are most often found in mattresses and sheets, they can also occur in carpeted areas, furniture pieces and bathroom towels. The insects are typically inactive during the day. At night, they emerge from their hiding places and look for hosts on which to feed.


While Bed bugs are not an imminent threat to public health, they can nevertheless be a nuisance. The bite marks themselves may become red and swollen after a few hours, and many victims report moderate to severe itching. The bugs are also known to cause minor allergic reactions in some people. Because the insects can be transferred to other buildings through soft fabrics and clothing items, it is essential that they be eradicated at the earliest possible opportunity.

Treatment Techniques For Bed Bug Pest Control

We use a number of techniques to eliminate the pests. Pesticides and physical isolation might all be tried. Individuals in the greater Metro Atlanta area who are currently dealing with Bed bugs should call Flexible Pest Services for a free quote and further assistance. Also if you are dealing with any other pest issues like cockroaches, termites, or mosquitoes we can take care of them as well.