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When the weather is nice, getting some fresh air is fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, a swarm of mosquitoes can turn a nice day outside into an itchy catastrophe. Flexible Pest Services will rid the premises of these obnoxious insects so that you and your family can fully enjoy the outdoors.

About 3,500 mosquito species have been discovered in the world so far. Some of these species are considered harmless. However, the majority of species are considered a nuisance due to their feeding on humans and livestock. Mosquitoes are extremely harmful to animals, and many experts agree that their extinction would have few negative ecological consequences.

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Mosquitoes are mostly found near water sources. Females lay their eggs in stagnant water or aquatic plants, so lake beds and areas near creeks are often full of these insects. They are especially prevalent at night as most mosquito species are dormant during the day. They need warmth to survive, and the summer is the time of year when most people have problems with mosquito infestations. If large numbers of mosquitoes are a consistent problem, you are probably near a mosquito breeding ground with ideal conditions for the insects.

In addition to the irritating whining and buzzing noises they make as they hover around, mosquitoes pose a threat to human health. Mosquito bites leave itchy bumps on the skin, and enough bites can lead to some serious discomfort. This is especially true of people who are allergic to mosquitoes. In addition to the skin irritation that they cause, mosquito bites can be dangerous. Because they feed on the blood of many different animals, mosquitoes often pick up and transmit diseases. The most notorious of these diseases are malaria and the deadly West Nile virus, but there are several others. Many scientists even argue that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal worldwide, and up to 700 million people contract malaria from mosquito bites each year.

Having a good time outdoors is next to impossible while swatting at swarms of hungry mosquitoes. If you and your family are plagued by a large mosquito population, contact Flexible Pest Services for a free quote. Our service professionals will eliminate these pests, allowing you to fully enjoy your time outside.