Braselton Pest Control

If homeowners and business owners are experiencing problems with Argentine ants, carpenter bees, or wasps, they will likely need professional assistance as soon as possible. All three of these pests can take over a residence within only a few weeks, and colonies can often grow out of control. Wasps, in fact, can be quite dangerous, especially to toddlers who are allergic to bee stings.

Bees & Wasps

Carpenter bees, which generally emerge in late spring, are about one inch long and have dark bodies with just a touch of fluorescence. The bees can drill into wood surfaces in doors, decks, and paneling. Without help from an exterminator, carpenter bees can eventually cause quite a bit of structural damage. They are the most destructive bees in the United States.

While wasps do not cause damage to wood, they can nevertheless be dangerous. Many species are very aggressive, and the pests often build nests in large trees and under the awnings of houses and businesses. Hornets, in fact, are known to attack human beings without much warning. Some hornet species build huge paper nests that contain thousands of insects at once. Nests that are found near doors and entrance ways should be promptly removed.

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants often invade structures when they are looking for food and water. Because the ant colonies often contain several queens, the entire population can be especially difficult to remove. They are diligent creatures and can quickly find their way into food containers that have not been completely secured.

Get Professional Pest Help

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