How Not To Do Pest Control

A man in Maine recently burned down the home of his parents when he tried to torch some ants with matches. One of the matches came into contact with a combustible substance and set the home ablaze. Although a few beloved pets died, the family was not harmed. This man’s failed attempt at DIY pest control is a good example of one of the many things nobody should try. Also, it is a great reminder that you should always call a professional for all pest problems.

What Not To Do

You may be tempted to remove a pest problem yourself to save money. Think of the consequences of the pest problem worsening or what might happen if you injure yourself. Do not attempt the following:

  • Use fire or smoke to remove pests
  • Use a hose and spray nozzle to attack pests
  • Use dangerous chemical recipes found online
  • Use bottled chemicals from home improvement stores
  • Use all-natural sprays or mixtures recommended by DIY enthusiasts
  • Use sticky traps or mouse traps
  • Use a ladder to reach a nest or other pest habitat

Fire, smoke, and chemicals only put you and others in danger. Water will aggravate many pests, and you can injure or kill yourself if you fall from a ladder. All-natural sprays are ineffective and only send pests to hard-to-access areas. If you use sticky traps or mouse traps, you only catch a few pests but leave the rest of the infestation to grow continually.

How To Control Pests

The only recommended step to take when you discover a pest problem is to call a professional immediately. Ignoring the problem for a while will only allow the infestation to grow, and some pests are dangerous to your health or your home. Only professionals have access to the most effective substances, and many of these substances are more toxic to pests than to you or your pets. Professionals are trained to find infestations. They have the equipment to remove them safely. Also, professionals know how to prevent pests in the future.

At Flexible Pest Control, we remove infestations but also inspect your property for what attracts pests. For example, food that is falling between your stove and cabinets may be attracting ants. We use a special method for removing ants that takes care of the current problem and prevents them from returning to your home. Our professionals will recommend a schedule for followup treatments. The Sentricon system that we use for termites is also helpful for reducing an overpopulation of harmful ants outdoors. Please call us today for a free quote.